you know we need rule to keep this Wikia in balance and not go in chaos



1.Treat other nicely

2.Please do not be mean to other users

3. you can use bad languages but do say a lot of bad languages

4. please right proper grammar just try


1 If you upload images and create them by tracing pictures please put some effort in them ( tracing body image and work from the base creating from that ) if you upload someone from the 48 Family use there picture but you have to ask one of the admins

2.If you are going to use the base please draw the whole thing and I mean everything of the body

3.Please when adding images that you drew yourself ,Please add " User your user name here category

here "

Please do not

  1. upload anything disgusting
  2. make your character Mary sue if you don't know what a Mary sue is then look it up ( unless it is you then that fine )
  3. take over an Admin or Founder job and don't post guidelines rankings/Major stuff /ect without the admins OK



not following the rules

1.if you fail following the rules I'll have to give you warning .you are expect to follow the rules ( maximum is 4 warnings )

2.if you have 4 warning you are permanent banned ( I mean it ) and your group will be graduated

Likely to add more rules in the future