Jasmine Walter

AgeAudition :13

current :13

BirthdayJune 10th


GenreA/J Pop


TeamA's Understudies

Generation1st generation
"ANG48 is love ANG48 is life "
- Jasmine Walter Edit

Jasmine Walter is a member of ANG48 team A's Understudies,Who is a Jpop and A pop singer ,she is the 1st Generation of ANG48 and is still a Student

Profile Edit

Name : Jasmine Walter

Bloodtype : A

Height : 4.5 feet or 148.5cm

Favorite 48 song : Must be now  (Japanese/English version ),ai no sonzai

Hobbies :Reading, studying,Cookie

Special Skill : Long distance Swimming

Charm points :Eyes

Future Dream:  Tv actor

Favorite food : Hambuger

Audition song : Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby

Favorite subject :English

Favorite color : Aqua

Family : Mother

Personality Edit

very determined take charge personality,she is the strongest vocalists. in her generation ,she is a generous girl and a well kind being to others she has a certain dance moves that others don't understand,she acts cool on stage and has a leader type personality

Trivia Edit

  • Her favorite Oshi was Takahashi Minami
  • Her favorite colors are black, white, and pink.
  • Favorite Season : Winter ans Summer
  • Wants to Visit Japan and France
  • she very Active and like to play outside
  • she loves Reading