Caterina Johnson

AgeAudition : 14

Current : 14

BirthdayOctober 30th

BirthplaceNorth Carolina, USA

GenreA/J pop


TeamA's Understudies

" I act like a cat I have ears of a cat then I am a cat "

" never give up on your hopes and dreams for we are ANG48 a 48 family "

- Caterina Edit

Caterina Johnson is a member of ANG48 team A's Understudies,Who is a Jpop and A pop singer ,she is the 1st Generation of ANG48 and is still a Student

Profile Edit

Name : Caterina Johnson

Bloodtype B

Height type :155cm or 5 feet

Favorite 48 song: Heavy Rotation (Japanese/English version )

Hobbies : Acting,Singing,Sleeping,snowboarding,

Special Skill : long-distance running

Charm points :Eyes and Dimples

Future Dream: To be a TV Talent and World Traveler actor

Favorite food : Shushi, Apple Pie, Pineapple,,Chicken nuggets

Auddition song : Heavy Rotation

Favorite subject ; Math

Favorite Colors: Likes all colors

Clubs : Vollyball ,Cooking

Family: Mother,Father, young sister

Personality Edit

Caterina has a cheery personality and energetic, outgoing, upbeat, and mischievous personality she will  she's serious and determined to do thing and try to help other members ,her performance is certain playful and shows out an energetic and happy vibe to the crowd ,she genuinely fun person to be around and to have fun with it's her unique personality that makes her a favorite among fans.

Trivia Edit

  • every Uniform she has there are cat ears with them except Fortune Cookie in Love
  • members in ANG48 would say that shes an America version of Oshima Yuko
  • Her Oshi was Oshima Yuko